• Tuesday, 09/27/2016 · Neurosciences Seminar

    Hugo Baggio, PhD / Francesc Miró, PhD

    Cognitive impairment in Parkinson's disease - a brain network perspective / Pathways and role of infiltrating innate immune cells in stroke

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  • Friday, 10/07/2016 · IDIBAPS Seminar

    Prof Dr Jacint Corbella

    De l'Institut de Fisiologia a l'IDIBAPS

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  • Friday, 10/07/2016 · Campus Clinic Cancer Seminar

    Cristina Fillat, PhD

    Exploring novel therapeutic targets in pancreatic cancer

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  • Monday, 10/17/2016 · Idibaps Seminar

    Bart Bijnens, PhD

    Where computational techniques meet clinical practice: understanding the working of the heart in health and disease

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  • Wednesday, 10/19/2016 · IDIBAPS Core Facilities Seminar

    Roger Borras, BSc

    Introduction to Machine Learning Methods

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  • Tuesday, 10/25/2016 · Neurosciences Seminar

    Clemente Garcia Rizo, MD PhD / Francesc Vallderiola, MD PhD

    Early Life imprinting in psychosis: The thrifty psychiatric phenotype / Estimulació cerebral profunda en els trastorns del moviment: una visió global

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  • Friday, 10/28/2016 · Campus Clinic Cancer Seminar

    Alfons Navarro, PhD

    Long non-coding RNAs in non-small cell lung cancer

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  • Tuesday, 11/22/2016 · IDIBAPS In-House Seminar

    Ramon Gomis, MD PhD

    20 anys de recerca en diabetes

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  • Tuesday, 11/29/2016 · Neurosciences Seminar

    Marc Catalan / Lidia Sabater, PhD

    New insights into sporadic inclusion body myositis / IgLON5 syndrome: an intriguing model autoimmunity and neurodegeneration

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  • Wednesday, 11/30/2016 · IDIBAPS Core Facilities Seminar

    Guerau Fernandez, PhD

    RNA-seq: Map the unmapped

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