• Thursday, 07/20/2017 · Lectura de tesi

    New insights into the colorectal carcinogenesis: from early precursor lesions to the role of aneuploidy

    Isabel Quintanilla Leo

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  • Tuesday, 07/04/2017 · IIBB-CSIC/IDIBAPS Seminar

    Balancing the activity of kinases and phosphatases in the cell cycle and human disease

    Marcos Malumbres

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  • Friday, 07/07/2017 · Campus Clinic Cancer Seminar

    Immune cell-tumor cell communication events. Implications for tumor cell survival and immunotherapy

    Beatriz Martín

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  • Wednesday, 07/05/2017 · IDIBAPS Core Facility Seminar

    Magnetic resonance based connectomics applied to study brain networks

    Emma Muñoz

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