• Wednesday, 10/04/2017 · Liver seminars

    Acute on chronic liver failure

    Rajiv Jalan

    professor of hepatology at Unversitiy College London

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  • Wednesday, 09/27/2017 · IDIBAPS Core Facility Seminar

    Computational approaches to understand the neural mechanisms of psychosis. Evidence from fMRI, PET and behavioural studies

    Guillermo Horga

    Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry University of Columbia

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  • Tuesday, 09/26/2017 · Neuroscience Seminar

    Blood brain barrier disruption in acute ischemic stroke: assessment with perfusion neuroimaging and clinical relevance // Multimodal assessment of visual pathway: an opportunity to understand and monitor MS?

    Sergio Amaro // Elena Hernández Martínez

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