• Tuesday, 01/29/2019 · Neurosciences Seminar

    Role of Neuromelanin in Parkinson's disease

    Iria Carballo, PhD

    VHIR Postdoctoral Researcher. Neurodegenerative diseases

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  • Friday, 02/01/2019 · Campus Clinic Cancer Seminar

    Gene expression and molecular subtype changes during HER2 blockade in HER2-enriched/HER2-positive breast cancer

    Fara Brasó, PhD

    Postdoctoral Researcher. Translational genomics and targeted therapeutics in solid tumors

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  • Wednesday, 01/30/2019 · IDIBAPS Core Facility Seminar

    Meta-analyses of voxel-based neuroimaging studies

    Joaquim Radua, MD PhD

    IDIBAPS Junior Researcher Bipolar disorders

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  • Thursday, 01/24/2019 · IDIBAPS In-house Seminar

    Autosomal dominant Alzheimer’s disease: from genetic counseling to prevention trials

    Raquel Sánchez-Valle, MD PhD

    IDIBAPS Team Leader Alzheimer's disease and other cognitive disorders

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  • Wednesday, 01/23/2019 · Liver seminars

    Liver transplantation

    Robert J Porte, MD

    Department of Surgery University Medical Center Groningen

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