• Wednesday, 04/24/2019 · IDIBAPS seminars

    Regulation of TCR and CAR signal transduction

    Nicholas R.J. Gascoigne, PhD

    Department of Microbiology and Immunology. National University of Singapore

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  • Tuesday, 04/30/2019 · Neuroscience seminar

    Activity dependent plasticity in the injured spinal cord

    Guillermo García Alías, PhD

    Neuroplasticity and Regeneration. UAB-INC

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  • Thursday, 04/25/2019 · IDIBAPS In-house seminar

    Role of autophagy in liver fibrosis

    Virginia Hernández-Gea, PhD

    IDIBAPS Researcher. Regulation of liver microcirculation in cirrhosis and in vascular liver disease

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  • Wednesday, 04/24/2019 · IDIBAPS Liver seminar

    Hepatic encephalopathy

    Christopher Rose, PhD

    Hepato-Neuro Laboratory, CRCHUM. Université de Montréal

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