Monday, 03/07/2016

ILCA School of Liver Cancer 2016

Liver Cancer: Future Prospects in Management and Research

The venue of the ILCA School of Liver Cancer 2016 is School of Medicine, University of Barcelona (Paranimf Hall).
9 AM
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ILCA is pleased to announce that the second edition of the ILCA School of Liver Cancer will be hosted by the Barcelona Clínic Liver Cancer (BCLC) at the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona on 7–8 March 2016 in Barcelona, Spain.

The ILCA School of Liver Cancer 2016 is scheduled to last one and half day and intends to provide presentations about the current knowledge of the pathogenesis of liver cancer as well as the evidence-based data for an optimal clinical management of patients diagnosed with this disease.

In addition, participants will understand the philosophy and working approach of the Barcelona Clínic Liver Cancer (BCLC) as a leading multidisciplinary team. The attendees will be exposed to research needs both at the clinical and laboratory level.

Furthermore, participants will be actively involved in the discussion of the topics presented by the speakers, who have all been involved in major developments resulting in seminal publications affecting all aspects of liver cancer.