Research Lines


    The Genomics and Pharmacogenomics Group focuses its efforts on three interrelated objectives in infectious diseases, specifically on HIV and its clinical management to adress a translational perspective:  

    -to investigate host genetics identifying drug combination most likely to be tolerated and effective. The possibility to develop predictive tools to reduce toxicities and adverse effects due to antirretroviral treatment (ART), including dyslipidaemia, atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease, lipodystrophy and hypersensitivity reactions.

    -to explain inter-individual differences in susceptibility and response to pathogens. Genomic and transcriptomic approaches in extreme cases of HIV disease progression, as elite controllers, is rellevant for understanding pathogenesis and for therapeutic vaccine development.

    -to discover new therapeutic targets associated to lipid metabolism and host lipid membrane composition. In vitro and in vivo approaches on macrophages and CD4 reservoirs to study the cholesterol metabolism and fatty acid composition altered by HIV infection.

    Close collaboration between this group and Hospital dia Infeccioses (Hospital Clínic Barcelona) and Red de Investigación SIDA de España (RIS) allow the possibility to combine basic and applied research. The group also carries out collaborative projects with a number of teams both nationally and internationally, receiving funding from both the public and private sector for specific projects, participates in the training of junior researchers and prioritizes the diffusion of scientific advances via medical journals, congresses, conferences, courses and books.