Post-Doctoral Programme Call


Application process – Research lines

If you have checked your eligibility for applying BIOTRACK Post-doctoral Programme (In-coming mobility scheme) you can register to the portal and follow the steps detailed below.

Update the following documents:

  • Curriculum Vitae - preferably maximum 5 pages: Please include the original articles published in peer-reviewed journals indexed. The original articles without impact factor will not be considered.
  • Cover letter: It is important to include the enthusiasm of the candidate joining IDIBAPS. In addition it is also necessary to explain the relationship between the profile of the candidate and the research line chosen as first priority.
  • Recommendation letter/s: It is mandatory to include 1 as a minimum and 4 as a maximum. It is not accepted to include only contact addresses of the reference contact people.
  • Scientific abstract - preferably maximum 1 page: Develop a brief scientific abstract considering your previous experiences, skills and the research line you want to join in order to show your competences writing, designing research and contributing to the scientific achievements from both the research group that you have established as first priority and IDIBAPS.

Choose your first and second priorities within the offered research lines:

BIOTRACK offers many research lines that you can apply for. Please take into account your profile and previous experience in order to see in which of them you can contribute more.

European Union

Research lines developed in IDIBAPS in the framework of BIOTRACK respect the fundamental ethical principles established in 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission.

  1. PD 03 Identification of molecular targets in lung and pituitary gland tumors spontaneously generated in p27-/- and p27CK- mice models
    More info

    Principle investigator: Oriol Bachs
    Keywords: P27, tumor development, lung cancer, pituitary gland tumors, molecular targets. Pharmacological targets

  2. PD 04 Molecular biology in Schizophrenia
    More info

    Principle investigator: Amalia Lafuente / Miquel Bernardo
    Keywords: Pharmacogenetics, genetics, schizophrenia, methylation, functional genomics

  3. PD 06 Renal Transplantation-Chronic Allograph Nephropathy
  4. PD 07 Dynamics and modulation of cortical network rhythms and virtual reality environments for body representation and new therapy methodologies
    More info

    Principle investigator: Maria V. Sanchez-Vives
    Keywords: Cerebral cortex, Slow oscillations, Brain Rhythms, Virtual reality, Body ownernship, Neurorehabilitation

  5. PD 08 Immunopathogenesis of HIV Infecion and HIV vaccine development
    More info

    Principle investigator: Josep Maria Gatell
    Keywords: HIV, immunopathogenesis, cellular immune response, humoral response, therapeutic vaccines, preventive vaccines.

  6. PD 09 Vitamin K—dependent proteins (VKDPs) in tissue homeostasis
    More info

    Principle investigator: Pablo García de Frutos / Gines Escolar
    Keywords: Vitamin K-dependent proteins, Adult stem cells, Tissue repair, receptor tyrosine kinases, animal models

  7. PD 11 Translational research in psychiatric diseases
    More info

    Principle investigator: Francesc Artigas
    Keywords: major depression, schizophrenia, neurotransmission, antidepressant drugs, antipsychotic drugs, brain circuits

  8. PD 14 Melanoma: Imaging, genetics and immunology
    More info

    Principle investigator: Susana Puig
    Keywords: Melanoma, skin cancer, genes, susceptibility, prognosis and therapy

  9. PD 15 DNA replication checkpoint sensors
    More info

    Principle investigator: Neus Agell
    Keywords: DNA replication, Checkpoint, Chk1, ATR, claspin, SAPK

  10. PD 23 Synaptic and neuronal cell surface autoimmunity
    More info

    Principle investigator: Josep Dalmau
    Keywords: Autoimmunity, encephalitis, synaptic receptors, cell surface antigens

  11. PD 24 Aging and Neurodegeneration
    More info

    Principle investigator: Cristina Suñol / Coral Sanfeliu
    Keywords: Brain, aging, Alzheimer’s disease, neuroprotection, sirtuins, healthy lifestyles

  12. PD 25 Therapeutic targets and cell death regulation in lymphoid malignancies
    More info

    Principle investigator: Dolors Colomer
    Keywords: Drug targets, leukemia/lymphoma, targeted therapy, personalized medicine

  13. PD 28 Endothelial dysfunction and atherothrombosis
    More info

    Principle investigator: Gines Escolar
    Keywords: Endothelial dysfunction, inflammation, tissue factor, signalling pathways, adhesion receptors, NFkappaB

  14. PD 29 Molecular and metabolic determinants of endothelial dysfunction in endocrine diseases: The Cushing model
    More info

    Principle investigator: Felicia A. Hanzu
    Keywords: Endocrinology, epigenetics, endothelium, blood cells, hypercortisolism, inflammation.

  15. PD 30 Regenerative medicine in hepatic resections and liver transplantation
    More info

    Principle investigator: Carmen Peralta
    Keywords: Liver transplantation, hepatic resection, ischemia-reperfusion, regeneration, cell therapy, marginal donors

  16. PD 31 Molecular Pathology of Lymphoid Neoplasm
    More info

    Principle investigator: Elías Campo
    Keywords: Lymphoma, Leukemia, genes, prognosis

  17. PD 32 Translational research in posttransplant malignancies
    More info

    Principle investigator: Ignacio Revuelta
    Keywords: Posttransplant cancer, solid organ transplant, immunosuppressive therapy, tumor immune escape, cancer exosomes.

  18. PD 33 Role of Angiogenesis in Liver Diseases
    More info

    Principle investigator: Mercedes Fernandez
    Keywords: Angiogenesis, cirrhosis, portal hypertension, blood vessels, therapeutic targets.

  19. PD 34 Genetic diseases of the extracellular matrix in cardiovascular pathophysiology: the Marfan syndrome
    More info

    Principle investigator: Gustavo Egea
    Keywords: Marfan syndrome, TGFβ, aortic aneurysm, membrane trafficking, integrins, oxidative stress

  20. PD 35 Bipolar Disorder Neuropsychopharmacology
    More info

    Principle investigator: Eduard Vieta
    Keywords: Bipolar Disorder, Treatment, Neuropsychopharmacology

  21. PD 36 Gene Therapy and Cancer
    More info

    Principle investigator: Cristina Fillat
    Keywords: pancreatic cancer, oncolytic adenovirus, tumor stroma



  1. PD 01 Translational Research in liver oncology
  2. PD 02 Vascular dysfunction in liver diseases
  3. PD 05 Systems biology analysis of autoimmune diseases
  4. PD 10 Adipose Tissue and Beta Cell Cross Talk: New Mechanism to Control Beta Cell Plasticity
  5. PD 12 Mitochondrial regulation of cell death in steatohepatitis and cancer
  6. PD 13 Mechanisms and mediators linking adipose tissue inflammation and liver disease
  7. PD 16 Regulation of membrane trafficking and signalling
  8. PD 17 Pathogenic and molecular mechanisms of liver failure
  9. PD 18 Translational research in pulmorany vascular disease
  10. PD 19 Therapeutic strategies for huntington's disease
  11. PD 20 A novel antigen-specific platform for the treatment of organ-specific and systemic autoimmunity
  12. PD 21 HIV in Mozambique: co-infections and immune activation
  13. PD 22 Gene Expression During Cell Differentiation And Cancer
  14. PD 26 The immune response to Stroke
  15. PD 27 Molecular mechanisms of pancreatic islet cell dysfunction and destruction in type 2 diabetes