Post-Doctoral Programme Call


Check your eligibility

You can apply for this programme if you are an excellent young researcher who accomplishes with the following criteria:

  • Having a PhD degree (preferably issued maximum 6 years before the deadline of the call).
  • Being experienced working in one or more foreign institutions. People who have lived or been employed in Spain for more than 12 months the last 3 years are ineligible.
  • Having a good-excellent publication record with at least one original article as first author in an indexed peer-reviewed journal.
  • Having an excellent command of English.

We need highly motivated candidates with strong theoretical background within the area of expertise they have chosen in the biomedical research field.

There is no discrimination for nationality, gender, race or other reasons. The time used for career breaks, i.e. for maternity leave, will be evaluated on a case by case basis so please include this information on your application.

Researchers who have been employed in the last 5 years or who have obtained their PhD on the IDIBAPS campus will be automatically excluded from the call.