Reintegration Programme Call


This program is intended to offer permanent reintegration at IDIBAPS and improve the start-ups to researchers awarded grants from the Ramón y Cajal and ICREA programs. The Ramon y Cajal and ICREA programs are created by the Spanish Government and the Generalitat de Catalunya respectively. They are therefore co-managed by governmental institutions, and the first selection of candidates is made by those. Once you are awarded the grant, IDIBAPS offers you a permanent position and the possibility of improving your assignation and make your well deserved grant even more competitive. Moreover, IDIBAPS hosts a wide variety of in-house technical services to support research for use by all researchers, for the purpose of improving the performance and profitability of investments and efficiency in the use of available resources.

ICREA Ramón y Cajal

Eligibility Criteria in Short

  • Have obtained an ICREA grant by the Catalan Government or a Ramon y Cajal grant by the Spanish Government.
  • Senior researchers
  • More than 10 years of research experience
Ramón y Cajal
  • Young Post-Doctoral researchers
  • Researchers that want to start their own research line