Research Lines

  1. REF: PD 20
    A novel antigen-specific platform for the treatment of organ-specific and systemic autoimmunity
  2. REF: PD 10
    Adipose Tissue and Beta Cell Cross Talk: New Mechanism to Control Beta Cell Plasticity
  3. REF: PD 24
    Aging and Neurodegeneration
  4. REF: PD 35
    Bipolar Disorder Neuropsychopharmacology
  5. REF: PD 15
    DNA replication checkpoint sensors
  6. REF: PD 07
    Dynamics and modulation of cortical network rhythms and virtual reality environments for body representation and new therapy methodologies
  7. REF: PD 28
    Endothelial dysfunction and atherothrombosis
  8. REF: PD 22
    Gene Expression During Cell Differentiation And Cancer
  9. REF: PD 36
    Gene Therapy and Cancer
  10. REF: PD 34
    Genetic diseases of the extracellular matrix in cardiovascular pathophysiology: the Marfan syndrome
  11. REF: PD 21
    HIV in Mozambique: co-infections and immune activation
  12. REF: PD 03
    Identification of molecular targets in lung and pituitary gland tumors spontaneously generated in p27-/- and p27CK- mice models
  13. REF: PD 08
    Immunopathogenesis of HIV Infecion and HIV vaccine development
  14. REF: PD 13
    Mechanisms and mediators linking adipose tissue inflammation and liver disease
  15. REF: PD 14
    Melanoma: Imaging, genetics and immunology
  16. REF: PD 12
    Mitochondrial regulation of cell death in steatohepatitis and cancer
  17. REF: PD 29
    Molecular and metabolic determinants of endothelial dysfunction in endocrine diseases: The Cushing model
  18. REF: PD 04
    Molecular biology in Schizophrenia
  19. REF: PD 27
    Molecular mechanisms of pancreatic islet cell dysfunction and destruction in type 2 diabetes
  20. REF: PD 31
    Molecular Pathology of Lymphoid Neoplasm
  21. REF: PD 17
    Pathogenic and molecular mechanisms of liver failure
  22. REF: PD 30
    Regenerative medicine in hepatic resections and liver transplantation
  23. REF: PD 16
    Regulation of membrane trafficking and signalling
  24. REF: PD 06
    Renal Transplantation-Chronic Allograph Nephropathy
  25. REF: PD 33
    Role of Angiogenesis in Liver Diseases
  26. REF: PD 23
    Synaptic and neuronal cell surface autoimmunity
  27. REF: PD 05
    Systems biology analysis of autoimmune diseases
  28. REF: PD 26
    The immune response to Stroke
  29. REF: PD 19
    Therapeutic strategies for huntington's disease
  30. REF: PD 25
    Therapeutic targets and cell death regulation in lymphoid malignancies
  31. REF: PD 01
    Translational Research in liver oncology
  32. REF: PD 32
    Translational research in posttransplant malignancies
  33. REF: PD 11
    Translational research in psychiatric diseases
  34. REF: PD 18
    Translational research in pulmorany vascular disease
  35. REF: PD 02
    Vascular dysfunction in liver diseases
  36. REF: PD 09
    Vitamin K—dependent proteins (VKDPs) in tissue homeostasis