Animal housing facilities (UB)


  • To comply with the applicable legislation on protecting animals used for experiments and for other scientific purposes:
    • Curing and maintenance of the housed species
    • Accreditation control of the personnel implicated in the handling of animals, according to legislation
    • Control of the procedures approved by the Catalan Environmental Departament. Generalitat de Catalunya
  • Forming part of the Animal Experimentation Ethics Committee (CEEA-UB)
  • Crossbreeding and maintenance of colonies of transgenic breeds, knock-out and special breeds of rat
  • Technical and veterinary counselling. Veterinary control
  • Supervision of reception and the shipment of animals to other centres


  • Stabling drawers and racks (FC + UB)
  • Ventilated racks (UB)
  • Extractors (UB + FC)
  • Biological safety chamber (UB)
  • Siemens X-ray equipment (FC)
  • Experimental large animal operating theatre (UB + FC)
  • Surgical lenses (UB)
  • Ventilators (UB + FC)
  • Anaesthesia equipment (UB)
  • Autoclaves (UB)
  • Equipment washer and bottle washer (UB)
  • SAS (UB)



6th floor, School of Medicine (~600 sq m).

Scientific coordinator(s)

Dr. Jordi Alberch UB

Dr. Jaume Bosch HC

Dr. Josep Mª Tusell CSIC


  • Dr. Amèrica Giménez
    Animal housing facilities supervisor. Senior technician (UB)
  • Mr. Josep Ma Marimon
    Cryopreservation and embyonic transference supervisor. Senior technician (UB)
  • Ms. Leire Barguín
    Veterinarian (UB)
  • Mr. David Almató
    Experimenter. Category III stabling technician (UB)
  • Ms. Dolores Ruiz
    Experimenter. Category III stabling technician (UB)
  • Ms. Blanca Caballero
    Keeper. Stabling assistant (FC)
  • Sr. David López
    Keeper. Stabling assistant (FC)
  • Mr. Ivan Ortega
    Experimenter. Category III stabling technician
  • Mr. Raul Ramírez
    Experimenter. Category III stabling technician
  • Cleaning personnel
    1FC and 3UB