Advanced Optical Microscopy Facility (CCiT-UB)


 Light microscopy technologies

  • Laser Scanning Spectral Confocal microscopy: Conventional and resonant scanner
  • Non Linear microscopy:
    • Two photon excitation microscopy
    • Second Harmonic Generation (SHG)
  •   Widefield microscopy
  • Bioluminiscence (Animal Facility)

Microscopy techniques and applications

  • Fluorescence, reflection, transmitted and polarized light.
  • Multi-channel and multidimensional (xyztλ) confocal images.
  • Tile scan and multi-position images acquisition
  • Live cell microscopy
  • Molecular proximity analysis: FRET (Fluorescence resonance energy transfer). Intensity-based methods.
  • Molecular dynamics analysis by photobleaching and photolabelling techniques:  FRAP (Fluorescence recovery after photo-bleaching); Inverse FRAP, FLIP (Fluorescence loss in photo-bleaching); photo-activation and  photo-conversion.
  • Intravital Microscopy (live animal): Confocal, multi-photon; resonant scanner (high speed).
  • Two photon excitation microscopy.
  • GSecond Harmonic Generation.

Image Processing and Analysis

  • Complete support in data processing and image analysis (open source programs, commercial packages)
  • Custom  macro development for automatic processing
  • Training in image processing and analysis

Cell culture and micromanipulation

  • Cell lines maintenance for microscopy experiments.
  • Microinjection
  • Molecular and Cellular Staining (transfection, staining)

User support:

·         Support provided on all the steps of the experiments

o   Methodological setup (design of study protocol)

o   Sample preparation (preservation, labelling, sectioning)

o   Training in infrastructure use

o   Technical assistance to run instruments

o   Data processing and analysis.

·         Development of new technologies and image analysis strategies adapted to the special needs of every project

·         Training activities on biological imaging techniques and image analysis at different levels (beginners, intermediate and advanced).


  • Laser Scanning Confocal Spectral Microscope Leica TCS-SL
  • Laser Scanning Confocal Spectral High Speed Multiphoton Microscope Leica TCS-SP5
  • Automated Inverted Microscope (fluorescence and transmitted light)
  •  Leica DMI6000 monocromatic camera
  • Upright microscope (fluorescence, transmitted and polarized light) Leica DMRB color camera Leica DF450
  • Microinjector Leica ASTP
  • Biolumiscence system AEQUORIA Luxiflux and camera ORCA-ER Hamamatsu
  • Workstations for Image Processing and Analysis
  • Wet lab
  • Cell culture room



Faculty of Medecine, South Wing 5 floor (c/ Casanova 143, 08036, Barcelona)

Scientific coordinator

Dr. Maria Calvo
Head of the Facility