Magnetic resonance imaging


The main objectives of this Core Facility are:

  • To provide services related to medical imaging techniques for researchers from IDIBAPS and other institutions, and to industries connected with health.
  • To perform first-rate basic and clinical research into medical imaging using structural and functional magnetic resonance imaging, magnetic resonance spectroscopy, molecular imaging, other types of medical imaging and image processing.
  • Researcher training in techniques and basic research to enable them to conduct experimental and clinical studies, thereby allowing them to explore the advantages of translational research.


  • Clinical Imaging Research (3T MRI Unit)
  • Experimental Imaging Research (7T MRI Unit)
  • Imaging Processing Lab


  • Clinical Imaging Research (3T MRI Unit):
    • RM 3T- Siemens 3T TRIO, B17 software
    • 32 phased-array head coil
    • 8 phased-array head coil
    • Body coil,
    • Others phase array coil
  • Experimental Imaging Research (7T MRI Unit):
    • Bruker BioSpec 70/30 (gradient system of 400 mT/m)
    • Imaging volume coils for mice, rat and small cats or rabbits
    • Surface coil for rat and mouse brain imaging
    • Surface coil for rat heart imaging (with CINE acquisition sequence)
    • Volume coils for 1H/13C, 1H/31P and 1H/19F spectroscopy
    • Surface coil for 1H/13C spectroscopy
    • Electric stimulator for fMRI
    • Inhalation anaesthetic system including animal monitoring
    • 4 PC for image processing and analysis
  • Image Processing Lab
    • 3 dedicated workstations (1 Mac, 2 linux) and 7 high performance
    • PC (5 dual windows-linux, 2 windows) for image post-processing
    • 10 standard PC
    • Software licenses: 10 Matlab, 2 LcModel, 1 AnalyzeDirect



3T MRI Unit 7T MRI Unit:
Hospital Clinic de Barcelona, floor 0, 3a stairs

Post-processing Imaging Lab:

C/ Roselló 149-153, -1 Floor.
Imaging Lab, CEK

Services request

Scientific coordinator

Clinical Imaging Research (3T MRI Unit):

Núria Bargalló

Núria Bargalló Alabart, MD, PhD. (Hospital Clínic)


Experimental Imaging Research (7T MRI Unit)

Image Analysis Advisors