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General Fees and Conditions

Just as the aim of the platform is to provide quality service to our clients, we should also like to participate in the fruits of the research. For this reason, depending on the degree of participation, authorship shall be established before initiating activities. Acceptance of an estimate by both parties does not preclude this point.

The updated fee schedule is available in the following link:

Before beginning platform activities, formal signed acceptance of the estimate must be received from the client, together with the attached form.

Prioritization of activities and internal acceptance of the price estimate by the platform are subject to approval by the Scientific Committee. The Scientific Committee shall be composed of:

  • (a) at least one representative from the Biostatistics and Data Management Platform
  • (b) one representative from the Centre’s Evaluation, Support and Prevention Unit (UASP)
  • (c) one representative from an IDIBAPS Platform outside the Biostatistics and Data Management Platform.
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Medical Statistics Core Facility
IDIBAPS - Hospital Clinic Barcelona
183, Mallorca Street, floor -1, Office #60. 08036 Barcelona


Scientific Director:

Ferran Torres

Ferran Torres MD, PhD. (IDIBAPS)
Scientific Director


Medical Statistics IDIBAPS