European Commission

Large research projects aimed at consolidating large European centres. IDIBAPS coordinates 13 European projects and participates in more than 40.

The most ambitious biomedical research projects cross borders, and the model promoted by the European Commission is one of the most attractive ones in the international scene. In recent years, IDIBAPS has played a growing role in European biomedical research. Currently, its researchers coordinate more than 10 projects financed by the European Commission and take part in nearly 50 more, all obtained through competitive tenders. This makes IDIBAPS and Barcelona an important focal point of European biomedical research.

  • AGEMAL (IP: Pedro Luis Alonso)

    Immune mechanisms against malaria acquired naturally in the new-born.


  • ADIBET (IP: Ramon Gomis)

    Study on adipose tissue in obesity: crosstalk in beta cells.

  • AMPHORA (IP: Antoni Gual)

    Measures to combat damage caused by alcohol consumption

  • BioBridge (IP: Josep Roca)

    Genomics and phenotypes in chronic diseases: computer tools for clinical practice

  • ELIPSY (IP: Martí Manyalich)

    Mid- and long-term monitoring of live donors: psychological well-being, quality of life and impact of the donating process.

  • ENERCA (IP: Juan-Luís Vives-Corrons)

    Improving clinical care of patients with rare congenital and acquired anaemias

  • Eu-Living-Donor (IP: Martí Manyalich)

    Common European framework for guaranteeing the health and safety of living organ donors

  • FETAL-MED (IP: Eduard Gratacós)

    Provision of multidisciplinary clinical and basic training in Foetal Medicine

  • IBDChip (IP: Miguel de los Santos Sans)

    Non-invasive tool for analysing 100 mutations and predicting the progress of patients with IBD

  • NEXES (IP: Josep Roca)

    Evaluation of new strategies for integrated, innovative care in chronic patients

  • PREGVAX (IP: Clara Menéndez)

    Characterising the epidemiology and clinical treatment of malaria caused by P. Vivax during pregnancy


  • NUCARCHIV (IP: Gilles Mirambeau)

    Novel approaches based on bionanoscience to manipulate, study, visualize and dissociate the nucleocapsid complex of HIV

  • uVOLUMES (IP: Eduard Gratacós)

    New three-dimensional tool based on ultrasound for evaluating volume in different organs


  • TROCAR (IP: Jordi Vila)

    Translational Research on Combating Antimicrobial Resistance

  • HEPTROMIC (IP: Josep Maria Llovet)

    Translational Research on genomic predictors and oncogenic drivers in hepatocellular carcinoma