Other national and international projects

IDIBAPS has qualities that can be highly useful in the service of drug development, international cooperation and international cooperative research.

Marató de TV3

The Marató de TV3 is an annual Telethon initiated by Televisió de Catalunya and the Fundació La Marató de TV3 to obtain funds for scientific research into diseases which are currently incurable. IDIBAPS and its researchers have played an active role in disseminating information about the diseases suggested year after year by the Telethon. Thanks to funds raised by this initiative IDIBAPS has led numerous research lines with promising results.

International prestige

IDIBAPS is a biomedical research centre of reference in southern Europe. The research staff of this Institute participate in important national and international initiatives. Some examples are its participation in projects financed by US NIH and the French INSERM or the cooperative projects with research centres such as the Karolinska Institutet (Sweden), Mount Sinai School of Medicine (US), the Malaria Vaccine Initiative, Yale University, Leuven University or the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

The private industry sector

IDIBAPS is the perfect framework for carrying out several crucial phases in the process of developing new medicines. The answer to many clinical problems and questions can only be tackled through collaboration of human and material resources between the pharmaceutical industry and centres such as this Institute. IDIBAPS is a privileged partner for the pharmaceutical industry, both those with domestic capital and multinational capital. The Evaluation, Support and Prevention Unit (UASP) is equipped with the resources needed to efficiently manage collaborative efforts with the pharmaceutical industry, both in terms of design and execution, and in the analysis and approval of clinical trials with drugs in phases I, II, III and IV.

IDIBAPS currently maintains ongoing lines of cooperation with companies that operate in the biomedicine and biotechnology fields. Every year, assessments are performed on nearly 300 clinical trials of medicines or biomedical devices in different phases of development, 75% of which are promoted by private enterprise.