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Foto Marc Claret 3IDIBAPS Researcher
+34 932275400 (ext 4552)
IDIBAPS-CEK Building, 5th floor
C/ Rosselló 149-153. 08036 Barcelona

Research interests

Research conducted over the last 10 years has firmly established the mediobasal hypothalamus as a critical central nervous system area in the regulation of whole-body energy homeostasis and metabolism. Marc Claret’s general research interests are focused on the study of the molecular mechanisms by which particular hypothalamic neural networks control food intake, body weight and glucose metabolism. To achieve this aim, his group uses genetic approaches to manipulate defined populations of neurons in order to correlate the function of a particular protein with specific physiological and behavioral outputs. This approach is further complemented with a wide range of additional techniques from different disciplines, such as physiology, molecular biology, cellular biology and imaging amongst others. Understanding the physiological mechanisms controlling energy balance and the pathophysiological alterations leading to obesity and type-2 diabetes, are the first steps towards developing new and more effective therapeutic approaches for the treatment of these metabolic conditions.


Hypothalamus, neuron, mitochondria, obesity, diabetes