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Transparency in animal research

IDIBAPS has joined the Transparency Agreement about Experimentation on Animals promoted by the Confederation of Scientific Societies of Spain (COSCE), in collaboration with the European Research Association (EARA).

The agreement was submitted on 20 September 2016 and recognizes that research using animals plays an important role in the understanding of health and disease and in the development of medical treatments. Without the use of animals in research, modern medicines such as antibiotics, vaccines and surgical techniques used in current human and veterinary medicine, would not be available.

Some of the important and pioneering work for which IDIBAPS is recognized, and that has result in major improvements in people’s life, have only been possible through the use of animal models. A good example is the development of human monoclonal antibodies and the most innovative surgical techniques.
Animal welfare and good science go hand in hand, that is why IDIBAPS fulfills the highest standards in this area. Our research is always approved by the Animal Research Ethics Committee which, among others, strives to reduce the number of animals to be used in experimentation.

IDIBAPS is also responsible for ensuring that the researchers involved in the experiment have the training and expertise, and is committed to providing the resources for proper maintenance of the animals with regard to facilities, meals, wellness and veterinary care.

Although animals will continue to have a role in future biomedical research, the aim of IDIBAPS is to use them as less as possible. In this sense, our researchers are actively seeking ways to refine science and reduce -and ultimately, replace its use.