About us


IDIBAPS is a leading research centre, thanks to the history and potential of the four institutions that it comprises:

  • Hospital Clínic de Barcelona


    The Hospital Clínic de Barcelona was set up more than one hundred years ago. Over time, it has become a benchmark for healthcare and research in Southern Europe. It is one of the most important healthcare centres in Spain and is second to none in scientific output. It provides quality, patient-focused care, biomedical research of the highest competitive order and great dedication to teaching and training professionals. All in all, it has an excellent and well-balanced management system that aims to provide society with leading-edge and very human medical services. The Hospital Clínic is divided up into departments and institutes, grouped by specialist fields. Its experience and history form one of the cornerstones upon which IDIBAPS activities rest.

  • University of Barcelona School of Medicine


    The University of Barcelona (UB) is a benchmark institution in the fields of teaching and research, both in Catalonia and outside this region. Its close relationship with IDIBAPS is channelled through the UB School of Medicine: the leading medical faculty in Catalonia, and the best in Spain according the international classification published by the University of Shanghai. The School of Medicine offers a degree in Medicine and also postgraduate courses (Master’s and Doctoral Programmes, among others), reflecting the different lines of research of its lecturers; in addition, various continuing professional education courses are held in its classrooms. Its cooperation with IDIBAPS responds to the general objectives of this Catalan university: to produce well-trained doctors, encourage the autonomous, ongoing training of students, establish the bases for subsequent specialisation of graduates, optimise healthcare and above all, promote research in this field.

  • The CSIC’s Barcelona Biomedical Research Institute (IIBB-CSIC)


    The Barcelona Biomedical Research Institute (IIBB), a project of Spain’s Senior Council on Scientific Research (CSIC), consists of four departments. Most of its facilities are located in the Outpatient Care Building of Hospital Clínic de Barcelona. The activity of the IIBB includes biomedical research, essentially basic research, but with a clear orientation towards Applied Health Sciences. In order to carry out this task, the Institute has specialised staff and centralised facilities for tissue culture, radioactivity, microscopy, image analysis and chemical analysis. It is a constant source of innovation and scientific output in a wide range of basic and clinical research fields.

  • Catalan Ministry of Economy and  Knowledge (DEC)


    The Ministry of Economy and Knowledge (DEC) encompasses many of the strategic Government areas intended to make Catalonia an even more competitive region, by transforming the traditional production economy into a knowledge economy. This Ministry aligns innovation and internationalisation policies, safeguards the quality of the Catalan university system and is committed to research as the motor of economic and social progress. The DEC promotes policies based on innovation, competitiveness, identity and singularity. The mission of the Ministry is to convert Catalonia into a true economic motor in Europe and a magnet for talent in the Mediterranean region.