About us

IDIBAPS: Research for the future

Ramon Gomis Director of IDIBAPS

It gives me great pleasure to greet you from the August Pi i Sunyer Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBAPS) website. The research activities of the centre are divided into five different areas, which group almost 60 top-level research teams. Scientific breakthroughs are never the result of chance. They are long-term commitments that involve not only researchers, but also society as a whole. IDIBAPS is a consortium that assumes one of these commitments in Catalonia: To encourage translational research, innovation and technological progress in the field of biomedicine, through different programmes addressing diseases with a high prevalence, morbidity and mortality. Its website reflects this activity.

The task developed by IDIBAPS and its researchers is only possible thanks to tough work, enthusiasm and also research infrastructures such as the Esther Koplowitz and the CELLEX Research Centers – this having been possible thanks to the commitment of the public institutions, the investigators and the important financing entities such as the Esther Koplowitz Foundation and the Cellex Foundation. Traditionally, IDIBAPS researchers were distributed in spaces within the three scientific institutions forming the consortium. Some of the research lines summarized in this website are still developed in these institutions, but today IDIBAPS researchers have two new reference facilities were all the research areas interact and grow together.

Since its creation in 1996, IDIBAPS has shown a growth of the main research outcomes: scientific publications, translation of knowledge and innovation, and capacity to get research funds. In 2014, the IDIBAPS published a total of 1,004 original articles in international journals, with a global impact factor of 5,557. This means an average of 5.5 impact factor points per article – an important figure that adequately reflects the quality of our research. It will be a genuine challenge to maintain this numbers in the years to come.

Implication in great projects

I also wish to underscore the growing implication of this Institute in major national and international projects. The participation of the IDIBAPS in the Networked Biomedical Research Centres (Centros de Investigación Biomédica en Red, CIBERs), promoted by the Spanish Instituto de Salud Carlos III, is very notorious. In this context, IDIBAPS participates in all nine CIBERS and we are leaders of the CIBER in liver and digestive diseases (CIBERehd). We continue to participate in and lead projects of the Cooperative Research Thematic Networks (Redes Temáticas de Investigación Cooperativa, RETICs), likewise promoted by the Ministry, and the number of projects financed by the European Commission in which we take part also continues to grow day by day.

All considered, we have nothing but admiration for the professionals who allow the Institute to advance, allowing us to view the future with optimism. We have achieved many things, but we can most certainly achieve many more. We have human potential, institutional and economical support, and the desire to continue moving forward.

Ramon Gomis
Director of the IDIBAPS