About us


Translational research to minimise the barriers between laboratories and the treatment of patients

The fundamental mission of IDIBAPS is to combine clinical research of proven quality with high-level basic research. It can thereby achieve a more effective transfer of scientific advances in the prevention and treatment of the most common health problems.

The IDIBAPS scientific staff come from its constituent institutions: Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, the University of Barcelona School of Medicine, the CSIC’s Barcelona Biomedical Research Institute and the staff recruited by the Fundació Clínic. The current number of researchers working in IDIBAPS is approximately 460, and they all have complementary basic and clinical profiles. In addition, there is a sizeable team of qualified graduates in different fields and trainees dedicated to research tasks that support the lines of study of the IDIBAPS scientists.

The biomedicine promoted by our professionals, together with their research teams, is aimed at minimising the barriers between laboratories and the treatment of patients. IDIBAPS aims to ensure that medical challenges are smoothly translated into basic research, and that the results obtained in laboratories can be effectively used to benefit patients. Improving people’s health is its ultimate mission.

Ethical research

All IDIBAPS research is strictly regulated by the applicable national and international bioethics guidelines. IDIBAPS has an accredited Clinical Research Ethics Committee (CREC) and Animal Experiments Ethical Committee. In addition, the Hospital Clínic Evaluation, Support and Prevention Unit offers advisory and research support services to its researchers and to other public and private institutions.

IDIBAPS offers a Code of Good Practice in Research aimed to providing researchers and staff with a set of standards for not only improving the quality of research practice, but also for creating a framework of ethical behavior. This document has been prepared by professionals with experience in the field, and is written in a simple, straightforward, and easily accessible manner.