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Biologia molecular de la reproducció i desenvolupament

Articles de l'any 2015

Originals publicats: 4

Factor d'impacte: mitjana: 2.83, total: 11.33

  • The small RNA content of human sperm reveals pseudogene-derived piRNAs complementary to protein coding genes

    Pantano L, Jodar M, Bak M, Ballescà JL, Tommerup N, Oliva R, Vavouri T
    RNA. 2015; 21: 1085-1095. IF: 4.936

  • Comparative analysis of boar seminal plasma proteome from different freezability ejaculates and identification of Fibronectin 1 as sperm freezability marker

    Vilagran I, Yeste M, Sancho S, Castillo J, Oliva R, Bonet S
    Andrology. 2015; 3: 345-356. IF: 2.298

  • Identification of endogenous metabolites in human sperm cells using 1H-NMR and GC-MS

    Paiva C, Amaral A, Rodriguez M, Canyellas N, Correig X, Ballesca JL, Ramalho-Santos J, Oliva R
    Andrology. 2015; 3: 496-505. IF: 2.298

  • Bioactivity of ovulation inducing factor (or nerve growth factor) in bovine seminal plasma and its effects on ovarian function in cattle

    Tribulo P, Bogle O, Mapletoft RJ, Adams GP
    Theriogenology. 2015; 83(9): 1394-1401. IF: 1.798