Research Career at IDIBAPS

A powerful and internationally competitive research base depends fundamentally on a strong cohort of highly creative researchers, and on the capacity to attract and retain some of the best minds in each generation as well. An attractive and efficient research career structure requires well-designed positions, well-structured career perspectives, strong funding and career development support, among others.

As the EU recommendations indicate, the IDIBAPS Research Career strategy established the existance of 4 broad categories of researchers:

R1 Pre-doctoral Researcher
R2 Post-doctoral Researcher R2A

Post-doctoral Researcher

Junior Researcher
R3 Researcher R3A

Associate Researcher

Junior Group Leader
R4 Group Leader

The first part of the above-mentioned strategy contains a definition of each broad stage and details on the different possible positions at IDIBAPS that can be attributed to every stage. The second text part is about promotion (how to move from one stage to the next one) and follow-up for those IDIBAPS funded positions that are permanent.