BITRECS, Biomedicine international training research programme for excellent clinician-scientists is the new IDIBAPS’ fellowship programme for excellent and highly motivated clinician-scientists to boost their research careers. Successful postdoctoral researchers will carry out a 3-year research only placement, in the context of an international collaboration,  comprising an international outgoing mobility stage of 12-18 months and a return phase of 18-24 months at IDIBAPS. The programme expects the fellows to promote their research career to become clinician-scientist leaders in the future.

IDIBAPS will offer 10 post-doctoral clinician-scientists positions through two international peer-reviewed calls. The selected researchers must demonstrate an excellent track record and have combined research with clinical activity. Their profile makes them able  to bridge biomedical research discoveries into tangible clinical treatments and technologies.

The programme offers to the selected fellows a competitive salary and other additional allowances. They will receive scientific supervision, mentoring as well as life-long training and networking opportunities especially related to career development, business and entrepreneurship. 

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