What is it?

It is a training programme that seeks to provide predoctoral (R1) and postdoctoral (R2) researchers at IDIBAPS with non-scientific tools and skills which are key for the development of their careers.

Who for?

This programme is addressed to predoctoral (R1) and postdoctoral (R2) researchers belonging to any of the institutions of the consortium (IDIBAPS, FCRB, HCB, UB, CSIC) and working under the supervision of a principle investigator from IDIBAPS (accredited researcher).


  • R1 already enrolled in a Doctoral programme
  • R2 who have defended their thesis in the last 7 years


  • Oral communication skills
  • Tips on how to write grant proposals and  scientific articles
  • Basics on Knowledge and Technology Transfer, research integrity and presentation of reliable scientific imaging data
  • Introduction to public engagement
  • Leadership, Conflict management and Time management skills