Area 1

Musculoskeletal repair and plasticity

Team leader

Strategic objectives

Our research group, which was incorporated to the IDIBAPS in 2007, aims to agglutinate and generate synergies among specialists in different disciplines that work in the field of the locomotor system. This is a field with a growing social and technological demand, but with scant incidence in the research setting of this institution.

There are many aspects of new knowledge related to the musculoskeletal system: cellular, genic and pharmacological therapies; new materials and implants; robotics; top-level surgical and anesthetic technology; and sophisticated imaging techniques. The lack of clinical scientific evidence relating to much of the new knowledge, and the great volume of patients in our setting, with limited resources, represent an important source of work from which to derive intellectual benefit. Working with humbleness but “thinking big” seems to us to be the best strategy for reaching the objective of being a reference group in our setting.

Main lines of research

  1. Bone physiopathology, pathological variation with age, evaluation of fracture setting techniques and bone substitutes.
  2. Cartilage, degeneration and repair through tissue engineering.
  3. Evaluation and design of new prosthetic implants.
  4. Minimally invasive surgery with new technology and instruments.
  5. Infections of the locomotor apparatus, their prevention and treatment.
  6. Acute postoperative pain and chronic musculoskeletal pain.
  7. Functional re-adaptation, prevalence and evaluation of health results in degenerative arthropathies.
  8. Biology of autologous adipose tissue grafts.
  9. Musculoskeletal system tissue bank.
  10. Imaging diagnosis, new technologies in diagnosis and follow-up.
  11. Collaboration in joint projects with the UASP.
  12. Acute-phase response in open fractures. Use of IL-6, C-reactive protein and CK in predicting results, and correlation with the Gustilo classification.
  13. Vascular anatomy of the upper extremity applied to reconstructive procedures.
  14. Surgical management of facial lipoatrophy based on the injection of autologous adipose tissue in HIVinfected patients.
  15. Nervous system:
    - Tubulization repair of peripheral nervous system damage.
    - Experimental reimplantation of nerve root preganglionic avulsions.