Area 3

Mitochondrial regulation of cell death and steatohepatitis

Team leader

  • José Carlos Fernández-Checa

Strategic objectives

The overall aim is to examine the cell biology of lipids and cholesterol trafficking in liver diseases and neurodegeneration. This includes the role of mitochondrial cholesterol and sphingolipids in steatohepatitis, liver cancer, liver fibrogenesis, hepatic ischemia/ reperfusion injury, Alzheimer’s disease and lysosomal storage disorders.

Main lines of research

  1. Sphingolipid and mitochondrial oxidative-stress regulation of cell death.
  2. Mechanisms responsible for cholesterol transport to the mitochondria and role in NASH, hepatocellular carcinoma and Alzheimer's disease.
  3. Functional relationship between methionine metabolites, acid sphingomyelinase and phosphatidylcholine in steatohepatitis.
  4. Contribution of acid sphingomyelinase in acetaminophen induced acute liver failure.
  5. Development of non-invasive diagnostic methods for diagnosis and prognosis in alcohol-induced liver disease.