Area 3

Genomic Programming of Beta Cells and Diabetes

Team leader

Strategic objectives

  1. Use of genomic tools for establishing the genetic and epigenetic mechanisms that modify the risk of developing diabetes.
  2. Identification of pathogenic mechanisms and new therapeutic options for monogenic forms of diabetes.
  3. Discovery of new pancreatic regeneration pathways.

Our lab is interested in understanding the transcriptional mechanisms that control the differentiation and function of pancreatic insulin-producing ß-cells. We use this information to gain new insights into the molecular defects that cause different forms of diabetes. This knowledge is also very relevant for the generation of new insulin-producing cells for replacement therapies in Type 1 diabetes

Main lines of research

  1. Pancreatic regeneration and programming.
  2. Epigenomic regulation of beta cells and diabetes.
  3. Monogenic diabetes.