Primary Healthcare Transversal Research Group

Team leader

Strategic objectives

Primary care is the point of patient entry to the healthcare system. In the research context, the multidisciplinary and transverse nature of the activities of the primary care professional favours a biological, psychological and social approach to the patients and their illnesses, in both the consulting office and in the home.

Main lines of research

Main outcomes:

  • Conduction of population-based studies (both descriptive and evaluating interventions and follow-up), in an accessible and well defined population of subjects, taking advantage of the computer-based filing of clinical data.
  • Conduction of research into healthcare results or outcomes.
  • Description of the natural history of the patient and disease from a biological, psychological and social perspective.
  • Conduction of studies of risk factors and preventive medicine.
  • Analysis of the morbidity and mortality of the most prevalent disorders.
  • Development of collaborative studies with the administration and research entities or groups allowing the implementation of transversal research.
  • International Health.

The main lines of research include:

  • Healthcare continuity and management of chronic diseases.
  • Use of healthcare services.
  • The fragility – geriatrics – dependency – home care axis.
  • Use of medicines.
  • Primary care and autoimmunity.
  • Atherogenesis, risk factors and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Chronic pain.
  • Mental health, smoking and other addictions.
  • Respiratory diseases.
  • Digestive and liver diseases.
  • HIV infection – AIDS and other infectious diseases.
  • 2.0. Health.