Clinical pharmacology

Team leader

Strategic objectives

The team carries out clinical research support activities with different Departments:

  1. The Clinical Trials Agency, together with the Department of Pharmacy, provides support of all technical and administrative aspects related to clinical trials carried out in the Clinic Hospital - IDIBAPS. The Agency serves as a single window for sponsors and investigators, and as secretary to the CREC of the HCB (Clinical Research Ethics Committee).
  2. The CTU (Clinical Trials Unit) provides support for the conduction of clinical trials on the part of the investigators of the institution that act as sponsors, in aspects related to study design, implementation and monitorization.
  3. The Pharmacoepidemiology and Therapeutic Evaluation Unit, offers support of activities in pharmacovigilance, epidemiology and the evaluation of drugs in our setting.
  4. The team collaborates with Dr. Amàlia Lafuente of the Pharmacology Unit of the UB, who conducts studies relating genetics to drug substance activity and response.
  5. Lastly, the team participates in the trial follow-up committees known as DSMB (Data and Safety Monitoring Boards), in charge of external supervision of the course of the clinical trials, and of deciding the pertinence of their continuity over time.

Main lines of research

  • Ethics in clinical research
  • Clinical trials, design and methodology.
  • Statistical support of clinical research.
  • Pharmacovigilance and pharmacoepidemiology.
  • Pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics.