Area 1

Emergencies: Processes and pathologies

Team leader

Strategic objectives

The group has a general interest in the study of all processes and pathologies inherent to the emergency setting - in all cases adopting a patient-centered approach and focusing on the acute process leading to emergency consultation. This approach is absolutely unique in Catalonia and in Spain, in view of the topic involved and the perspective from which it is addressed. The processes seen in the Emergency Department are exclusive and unique, and improvement in their knowledge leads to healthcare and organizational implications with considerable scope and repercussion. While the transverse characteristics of emergency disease conditions cause them to be dealt with by other disciplines, in the first few hours of their presentation they are exclusively addressed by the Emergency Department, where clinical research has not classically been considered. As a result, the possibilities for gaining in-depth and new knowledge on the part of the group are immense.

Main lines of research

  1. Functional aspects of Hospital Emergency Departments.
  2. Clinical aspects of intoxicated patients.
  3. Treatment of arrhythmias in the emergency room.
  4. Evaluation of chest pain in the Emergency Department.
  5. Diffusion of the teaching of cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers among the general population
  6. Emergency medical care for problems caused by drug abuse.
  7. Acute heart failure
  8. Attention to infectious diseases in Emergency Departments.
  9. Dynamics of teaching and research in Emergency Medicine.