Area 2

Respiratory, cardiovascular and renal pathobiology and bioengineering

Area leader:

Dr. Ramon Farré
(Universitat de Barcelona)

The area has 10 teams, and is focused on the study of three vital parts of the body: the respiratory, cardiovascular and renal systems. It deals with the various pathologies and risks affecting these systems, from different standpoints.

Half these teams are dedicated to the study of arterial hypertension, coronary disease and electrophysiology, lipids as a cardiovascular risk factor and nephrourological diseases, and kidney transplants. The other half are part of the Networked Biomedical Research Centre on Respiratory Disease (CIBERes), in which a large number of Spanish centres participate. Its research programmes deal with the following topics: inflammation and repair of the respiratory tracts, molecular bases of respiratory infections, pathobiology of lung cancer, respiratory disorders during sleep and respiratory failure. The scientific output of Area 2 is reflected in its high impact factor.