Area 3

Liver, digestive system and metabolism

Area leader:

Dr. Jordi Bruix
(Hospital Clínic)

Area 3 has 15 teams and is formed by researchers who combine their skills in clinical, experimental and basic research. Its translational research approach has succeeded in contributing important breakthroughs in terms of knowledge, diagnostic techniques and the treatment of pathologies of interest to the groups.

The mission of the different teams composing this area is to apply innovative methods to different medical problems: cirrhosis and liver complications, inflammatory and neoplastic diseases of the digestive tract, metabolic disorders in diabetes, metabolic bone diseases and foetal medicine. The Liver, Digestive System and Metabolism area is one of the most productive areas, with many publications in the first quartile of the Science Citation Index. It has also proved to be one of the most competitive areas in terms of private investment and competitive public grants.