Area 5

Oncology and haematology

Area leader:

Dra. Dolors Colomer
(Hospital Clínic)

The 13 teams composing this area perform basic, experimental and clinical research tasks in the fields of oncology and haematology. Their aim is to improve prevention, prognosis and treatment in a group of diseases that is becoming more and more common in modern-day society: cancer processes.

The research lines of the different teams dedicated to the study of cancer are focused on the molecular mechanisms involved in the programmed growth and death of cells, the development of neoplastic models and improvements in diagnosing cancer with new tumour markers. In addition, the haemato-oncology teams study the different erythropathies and disorders of haemostasis as well as blood coagulation. The large number of national and international collaborations produced in this area, together with the many original articles generated, show that oncology and haematology are topics of current interest in the biomedical sector.