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Respiratory biophysics and bioengineering

Impact factor: mean: 4.29, total: 77.18

Articles during the year 2015
  • A Bayesian cost-effectiveness analysis of a telemedicine-based strategy for the management of sleep apnoea: a multicentre randomised controlled trial

    Isetta V, Negrín MA, Monasterio C, Masa JF, Feu N, Álvarez A, Campos-Rodriguez F, Ruiz C, Abad J, Vázquez-Polo FJ, Farré R, Galdeano M, Lloberes P, Embid C, de la Peña M, Puertas J, Dalmases M, Salord N, Corral J, Jurado B, León C, Egea C, Muñoz A, Parra O, Cambrodi R, Martel-Escobar M, Arqué M, Montserrat JM; SPANISH SLEEP NETWORK
    Thorax. 2015; 70(11): 1054-1061. IF: 8.29

  • Intermittent hypoxia alters gut microbiota diversity in a mouse model of sleep apnea

    Moreno-Indias I, Torres M, Montserrat JM, Sanchez-Alcoholado, Cardona F, Tinahones FJ, Gozal D, Poroyko VA, Navajas D, Queipo-Ortuño MI, Farré R
    Eur Respir J. 2015; 45: 1055-1065. IF: 7.636

  • APOE-by-sex interactions on brain structure and metabolism in healthy elderly controls

    Sampedro F, Vilaplana E, de Leon MJ, Alcolea D, Pegueroles J, Montal V, Carmona-Iragui M, Sala I, Sanchez-Saudinos MB, Anton-Aguirre S, Morenas-Rodriguez E, Camacho V, Falcon C, Pavia J, Ros D, Clarimon J, Blesa R, Lleo A, Fortea J
    Oncotarget. 2015; 6(29): 26663-26674. IF: 6.359

  • Adipose Tissue Macrophage Polarization by Intermittent Hypoxia in a Mouse Model of OSA: Effect of Tumor Microenvironment

    Almendros I, Gileles-Hillel A, Khalyfa A, Wang Y, Zhang SX, Farré R, Gozal D
    Cancer Letters. 2015; 361: 233-239. IF: 5.621

  • Negative Expiratory Pressure Technique: An Awake Test to Measure Upper Airway Collapsibility in Adolescents

    Larramona H Carrera HL, Marcus CL, McDonough JM, Oliva Morera JC, Huang J, Farré R, Montserrat JM
    Sleep. 2015; 38(11): 1783-1791. IF: 4.591

  • Development of a bronchial wall model based on a decellularized porcine trachea transwell. A Bronchial in vitro Tripleculture on a Decellularized Trachea

    Melo E, Kasper J, Unger RE, Farré R, Kirkpatrick CJ
    Tissue Eng C. 2015; 21: 909-992. IF: 4.448

  • Pressure- and flow-controlled media perfusion differently modify vascular mechanics in lung decellularization

    Palma RK, Campillo N, Uriarte JJ, Oliveira LFV, Navajas D, Farré R
    J Mech Behav Biomed Mater. 2015; 49: 69-79. IF: 3.417

  • In vitro comparative study of two decellularization protocols in search of an optimal myocardial scaffold for recellularization

    Perea-Gil I, Uriarte JJ, Prat-Vidal C, Gálvez-Montón C, Roura S, Llucià-Valldeperas A, Soler-Botija C, Farré R, Navajas D, Bayes-Genis A
    Am J Transl Res. 2015; 7: 558-573. IF: 3.402

  • Parabiotic model for differentiating local and systemic effects of continuous and intermittent hypoxia

    Torres M, Rojas M, Campillo N, Cardenes N, Montserrat JM, Navajas D, Farré R
    J Appl Physiol . 2015; 118(1): 42-47. IF: 3.056

  • Increased Upper Airway Collapsibility in a Mouse Model of Marfan Syndrome

    da Palma RK, Farré R, Montserrat JM, Gorbenko Del Blanco D, Egea G, de Oliveira LV, Navajas D, Almendros I
    Respir Physiol Neurobiol. 2015; 207: 58-60. IF: 2.971

  • In vivo evaluation of the dopaminergic neurotransmission system using [123 I]FP-CIT SPECT in 6-OHDA lesioned rats

    Niñerola-Baizán A, Rojas S, Bonastre M, Tudela R, Lomeña F, Pavía J, Marin C, Ros D
    Contrast Media Mol I. 2015; 10(1): 67-73. IF: 2.923

  • Monte Carlo simulations versus experimental measurements in a small animal PET system. A comparison in the NEMA NU 4-2008

    Popota FD, Aguiar P, España S, Lois C, Udias JM, Ros D, Pavia J, Gispert JD
    Phys Med Biol. 2015; 60(1): 151-162. IF: 2.761

  • Validation of semi-quantitative methods for DAT SPECT: influence of anatomical variability and partial volume effect

    Gallego J, Ninerola-Baizan A, Cot A, Aguiar P, Crespo C, Falcon C, Lomena F, Sempau J, Pavia J, Ros D
    Phys Med Biol. 2015; 60(15): 5925-5938. IF: 2.761

  • Improved image quality in pinhole SPECT by accurate modeling of the point spread function in low magnification systems

    Pino F, Roé N, Aguiar P, Falconn C, Ros D, Pavía J
    Med Phys. 2015; 42(2): 703-714. IF: 2.635

  • Dopamine transporter imaging in the aged rat: a [¹²³I]FP-CIT SPECT study

    Niñerola-Baizán A, Rojas S, Roé-Vellvé N, Lomeña F, Ros D, Pavía J
    Nucl Med Biol. 2015; 42(4): 395-398. IF: 2.412

  • A step forward for better interpreting the apnea-hypopnea index

    Farré R, Martínez-García MA, Campos-Rodriguez F, Montserrat JM
    Sleep. 2015; 38: 1839-1840. IF: 4.591