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Inflammation and repair in respiratory illnesses

Articles during the year 2015

Published originals: 20

Impact factor: mean: 8.3, total: 165.96

  • One-year change in health status and subsequent outcomes in COPD

    S Wilke, PW Jones, H Müllerova, J Vestbo, R Tal-Singer, F ME Franssen, Agusti A, P Bakke, PM Calverley, HO Coxson, C Crim, LD Edwards, DA Lomas, W MacNee, SI Rennad, JC Yates, E FM Wouters, MA Spruit
    Thorax. 2015; : 420-425. IF: 8.290

  • Benefits of physical activity on COPD hospitalisation depend on intensity

    Donaire-Gonzalez D; Gimeno-Santos E; Balcells E; de Batlle J; Ramon MA; Rodriguez E; Farrero E; Benet M; Guerra S; Sauleda J; Ferrer A; Ferrer J; Barbera JA; Rodriguez-Roisin R; Gea J; Agusti A; Anto JM; Garcia-Aymerich J
    Eur Respir J. 2015; 46(5): 1281-1289. IF: 7.636

  • Clinical and prognostic heterogeneity of C and D GOLD groups

    Agusti A; Rennard S; Edwards LD; MacNee W; Wouters E; Miller B; Tal-Singer R; Mullerova H; Celli B
    Euro Respir J. 2015; (1): 250-254. IF: 7.636

  • Continuous fat-free mass decline in COPD: fact or fiction?

    Rutten EP, Spruit MA, McDonald MN, Rennard S, Agusti A, Celli B, Miller BE, Crim C, Calverley PM, Hanson C, McNee W, Franseen FM, Vanfleteren L, Wouters EF
    European Respiratory J. 2015; 46(5): 1496-1498. IF: 7.636

  • Molecular and clinical diseasome of comorbidities in exacerbated COPD patients

    Faner R; Gutierrez-Sacristan A; Castro-Acosta A; Grosdidier S; Gan W; Sanchez-Mayor M; Lopez-Campos JL; Pozo-Rodriguez F; Sanz F; Mannino D; Furlong LI; Agusti A
    Eur Respir J. 2015; 46(4): 1001-1010. IF: 7.636


Published editorials: 3

Impact factor: mean: 21.56, total: 64.68

  • Network analysis: a way forward for understanding COPD multimorbidity

    Faner R; Agusti A
    Eur Respir J. 2015; 46(3): 591-592. IF: 7.636

  • Lung-Function Trajectories Leading yto Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

    P Lange, B Celli, A Agustí, GB Jensen, M Divo, R Faner, S Guerra, JL Marott, FD Martinez, P Martinez-Camblor, P Meek, CA Owen, H Petersen, V Pinto-Plata, P Schnohr, A Sood, JB Soriano, Y Testafaigzi and J Vestbo
    The New England Journal of Medicine. 2015; 373(2): 0-0. IF: 55.873

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