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Articles during the year 2015

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  • Stochastic transitions into silence cause noise correlations in cortical circuits

    G Mochol, A Hermoso-Mendizabal, S Sakata, K Harris and J de la Rocha
    PNAS. 2015; 112(11): 3529-3534. IF: 9.674

  • A Computational Model of Major Depression: the Role of Glutamate Dysfunction on Cingulo-Frontal Network Dynamics

    Juan P. Ramirez-Mahaluf, Alex Roxin, Helen S. Mayberg, Albert Compte
    Cereb Cortex. 2015; pii: bhv249: 0-0. IF: 8.665

  • Gradual emergence of spontaneous correlated brain activity during fading of general anesthesia in rats: Evidences from fMRI and local field potentials

    Bettinardi, RG; Tort-Colet, N; Ruiz-Mejias, M; Sanchez-Vives, MV; Deco, G
    Neuroimage. 2015; 114: 185-198. IF: 6.357

  • Gain Modulation of Synaptic Inputs by Network State in Auditory Cortex In Vivo

    Reig, Ramon; Zerlaut, Yann; Vergara, Ramiro; Destexhe, Alain; Sanchez-Vives, MV
    Journal of Neuroscience. 2015; 35(6): 2689-2702. IF: 6.344

  • The body fades away: investigating the effects of transparency of an embodied virtual body on pain threshold and body ownership

    Martini, Matteo; Kilteni, Konstantina; Maselli, Antonella; Sanchez-Vives, MV
    Scientific Reports. 2015; 5: 13948-0. IF: 5.578

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